Computer and Informatics Centre (CIC) provides mainly three types of services namely network services, computational services and lab services to IIT, Kharagpur community. Network services like electronic mail, world wide web, DNS, telnet, ftp etc are provided to all the departments, centres and schools as well as to the Halls of Residences through a gigabit network. Computational services (both, in terms of hardware and software) are provided to the students, faculty and staff members of the institute. Various high end servers like  IBM's RS/6000, Sun Blade and Graphics workstations are available in CIC. Various advanced and special purpose softwares such as AutoCad, Matlab, Mathematica, Mapple etc are installed and maintained by CIC. Besides, five labs namely PC Lab I, PC Lab II, PC Lab III, Workstation Lab and Terminal Lab are maintained by CIC for large and/or special purpose practical classes.

Head CIC
Prof. A. Gupta
Electronic mail :
Phone(Office): +91-3222-283476
Phone(Residence): +91-3222-283477

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